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Primary Success developed an early reading program for teachers called Successful Sight Reading, which is in use in many schools. I have pulled parts of this program to give parents and teachers free guidance during this time when schools are closed. 

If your child is in Grade One and you are not sure where they are learning in the levels of this program - start from the beginning! It will be really easy for the child at first - and when he/she slows down and has some difficulty - go slower and learn the words before going on.

Part One

For each lesson there is a 'new words' list, with the new words at the top and below some sentences to use the new words. 

Then there are sentences strips. The lesson number is on each strip. You can use them as pages or cut the strips apart.

Don't go on to a new lesson if the child is having difficulty. If so, go back and review.

Every 8 or 9 lessons there is a review, and here are little books to photocopy to practice the words.

Part Two

For Part Two, the lists of new words, the sentence strips and the little books for review are separated. This isn't as handy, of course, and I will try to get them in a simpler format as soon as possible.

A Dolch Reading Program

The Dolch List of early reading words was collected a long time ago, but it has stood the test of time. It is mainly connecting words that the children find most difficult to learn. 

Here are six lessons using the early Dolch words. They are in months - from September to January - but pay no attention to that!

The Big Collection of Poems to Read and Remember


The Big Collection of Poems to Read and Remember has poems at a variety of levels, from Kindergarten to Grade Three. Read the poems together and then the child can colour the page and enjoy memorizing the words. Below are some of the sections:

Little Books to Read

There is a page on this site with monthly and seasonal little books that you are welcome to print. There are little books for March, and ones for April and Easter have now been added. 

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