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For Parents .... General Ideas

While children are not in school, there are things that parents can do to continue education. The ideas below can be helpful for students from Kindergarten to Grade Three. Underlined words in red are links to useful books, pages and websites. Grade ideas and specific subjects are linked at the bottom of this page.

Days can be long with active children home from school day after day! Here are some suggestions that help with school work and can keep children busy....

Have the child send letters to grandparents, other relatives or friends! These can be email letters or text messages. Another way is to write a letter on paper and illustrate - and photo with your phone, ipad or camera and send to someone special. A letter to Grandma every day will be very cheering to her, too, as she may be feeling isolated. A local suggestion is for children to send letters and/or pictures to seniors in care homes with cheering words. No one will be visiting the seniors, and these will be fun for them. A group of friends could do this project 'together' by email for inspiration.


Spend time with books.... Older children can read to themselves, and younger ones love to have an adult read to them.


Go to the Seasonal and Monthly page. Here are little books that you can print for reading. They will print, double-sided, so the pages are in correct order, but they won't work to read on the computer unfortunately!  

Here is a book of poems - you can read them online, print off the black and white copy and the child can colour the pictures, or print the coloured copy and make a book of them or tape them onto a wall or the fridge.

To help review and keep up math skills, see the math work provided on the grade level pages below. Your child's teacher may give you directions for what is suitable.

You can teach your student to use a calculator, to tell time, to measure things (use metric), to learn Roman numerals, etc. Learn to read a thermometer.

Time math drill sheets - you can use this online stopwatch


Keep active! Play in your yard (if you have one). Go for walks and take your dog. Playgrounds are not considered very safe for the virus, so perhaps you can think up alternatives. If you live by the ocean, a river or lake, go for walks, build sandcastles. Go for drives to woodland or beach that is mostly empty of people, and learn about the plants and animals. Play 'I Spy'.

Teach your child to skip, catch and throw a ball, and play the games you played as a child. Ride bikes in your neighbourhood. Outdoor activities beyond your home may not be allowed - so follow your community guidelines.

Do the daily calendar for your grade! Every day there is a 'job' to do..... On the parent page of the calendars for each month there are games to play and ideas for expanding education.

Free Things For Teachers and Parents ......

​Reading Help

Kindergarten Help

Grade One Help


Grade Two and Three Help

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