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Home-Schooling Help for Kindergarten Parents ....

If you are home-schooling your child, ideas below can be helpful for students in Kindergarten.

Math for Kindergarten

If you are home-schooling, look under the 'Math' link at the top of the page for a good program that many teachers use. The program follows the BC curriculum and is fun to teach.


Learning Letters

Learn a Letter a Week is a book for teachers, but you can use it to help your child learn the letters. There are lots of interesting ideas to help the child remember the sounds. You can find it under the Kindergarten link.

If your student learns the letter sounds easily, The Successful Phonics - Part 1 teaches blending sounds.


If you are home-schooling your Kindergarten child, Primary Success has many suitable books that will give your student a wonderful start in Reading, Math, Printing, Phonics, Science, Social Studies and more! Click on the Kindergarten link at the top of the page.....

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