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Magazines from Primary Success

    A 'new' idea is one you haven't seen before! Yes, these magazines are were written a long time ago, but the ideas still work. Take a peek into any one of these below!


     Some of the poems have been deleted as I discovered the authors, and many of the online links are no longer in use. It would take me a long time to go through all of the links, so you can try them if you are interested - with the knowledge that they may not work. Remember, an idea is brand new if you haven't seen it before! .....And there are lots more to come!

     A few years ago the teachers' on the email list sent in photos of their art projects. This is a wonderful collection!

old woman.jfif


This was the original magazine. The first issues were photocopied and mailed out every two months to several hundred teachers.  Yes, the first one here begins at Issue #22 - sadly, I no longer have the ones before it on my computer. Then, as you will see - the early magazines (to 2003) were not kept in PDF, so when computers were changed the font changed so the spacing changed - some poems are now left out because I found authors (you may google search and find them), etc., but the good ideas are still there. 

Share 1 -Sept./Oct.  1999


Share-1 - Sept./Oct. 2000

Share-1 - Sept./Oct. 2001

Share-1 - Sept./Oct. 2003

Teacxhers' Photo Collections

The Autumn Photo Collection

Share K

Share K - Sept-Oct


My apologies - during computer upgrades, these got changed to a different font - so the spacing is all confused. They still have all the great information! 

Share 2 -Sept./Oct.  2000


Share-2 - Sept./Oct. 2001

Share-2 - Sept./Oct. 2002

Share-2 - Sept./Oct. 2003

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