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Primary Success Resources


Successful Sight Reading - 4 books

Little Books to accompany SSR 

Sentence Strips to accompany SSR

Successful Phonics - Part 1

Successful Phonics - Part 2 

Math Success Kindergarten

Math Success Grade One

Math Success Grade Two

Math Success Grade Three

Math Problems - Grade Two

Math Problems - Grade Three

Math Masters - Grade Two

Successful Assessment - K - 2

Successful Art Lessons

Successful P.E.

Art Through the Year

The Big Collection of Poems to

      Read and Remember

Homework Calendars Kindergarten

Sight Reading - Start Right K

Math Success - Kindergarten

Learn a Letter a Week

Printing Practice - Kindergarten

Successful Social Studies - K

Successful Science Lessons - K

Read Through the Year Kindergarten

Poems to Read and Remember - K

Opening Exercises - K

Homework Calendars Grade One

Successful Phonics - Part 1

Math Success - Grade One

Successful Spelling - Grade One

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade One

Printing Practice - Grade 1

Successful Social Studies - Grade One

Successful Science Lessons - Grade One

Classroom Management - Grade 1

Grade One Essentials

Read Through the Year - Grade One

Poems to Read and Remember

Opening Exercises - Grade One

Homework Calendars Grade Two

Successful Phonics - Part 2

Math Success - Grade Two

Math Masters - Grade 2

Math Word Problems - Grade 2

Successful Spelling - Grade Two

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade Two

Successful Social Studies - Grade Two

Successful Science Lessons - Grade Two

Opening Exercises - Grade Two


Homework Calendars - Grade Three

Math Success - Grade Three

Math Word Problems - Grade 3

Successful Spelling - Grade Three

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade Three


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