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For Parents of Grade Two and Three Students

Phonics Practice

Chapters 1 to 8 - consonant blends with short vowels and more

Chapters 9 to 14 - long vowels

Chapters 15 to 18 - r controlled vowels

Chapters 19 to 24  - mix

Chapters 25 to 30 - tricky mix


These pages are taken from the popular teaching book Successful Phonics - Part 2. 

They give the student practice in decoding words - from simple words to very tricky ones! 

If your child has problems at the beginning of this book - go to the Grade One Parents page and do the decoding with the short vowels first.


Math Masters Grade Two


Math Masters Grade Two has practice sheets from very simple addition and subtraction to more difficult.

Towards the end of the book are addition and subtraction sheets and multiplication and division sheets suitable for Grade Three students.


As suggested on the first page for parents - writing to friends or     relatives is a good writing exercise.

Write fictional stories, or do a daily diary.



Beginning Handwriting


Late Grade Two and Grade Three students love to learn to write! It is no longer on the curriculum, but it is fun to learn and a useful skill! 

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