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For Parents of Grade One Students

Phonics Practice

Reading Practice

 Look at the Reading Help page, and you will find ideas and       materials to keep your child reading when not in school.

Printing Practice


It is important for Grade One children to print automatically. This takes practice! 

Below are three sets of alphabet pages with printing practice. If your child is not printing quickly and accurately, do the first set. The second set has smaller printing and more on the page - and the third set is for students who print quite fluently.

1. Learning a letter

2. Working with letters

3. Practicing our letters

Math Practice

These have instructions for use as the first page.

If your child can answer the practice sheets to 10 with ease, go to the Grade Two parent page and try some of the addition to 18 pages.

Have your student count a large number of items (under 100). Buttons, pasta, small stones, etc., will be good. As they are counted, put them in groups of 10, and then count the tens.

Write Stories

Here are some ideas for writing..... and there are lots more on-line if you Google 'Writing Prompts for kids'.

Interlined paper for K/1,for Gr. 2/3       Use the interlined paper for writing stories.

Here is a dictionary, suitable for Grade One children.  The parent can add words to the pages.

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