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Primary Success


Instant download E-Books
for successful teaching -  
complete primary programs 
that are sequential, explicit,
easy to teach and
loved by teachers.
Primary Success also provides
lots of free teaching materials!

Homework Calendars for the 2021-2022 year are now free on the Freebies 1 page!
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The Successful Sight Reading Program

 This is a wonderful program for beginning readers!  It gives you explicit sequential lessons that provide everything you need - practice sheets for the students and lots of reading material - little books to photocopy for each lesson, sentence strips and flash cards. 

SSR can be used for whole class teaching in Grade One and Two and for group lessons. Resource teachers find the program very helpful. Parents who homeschool like the SSR books because of the success and simplicity,


Successful Phonics - Part One and Part Two

 This is a very popular program! Part One teaches the consonants, digraphs, and short vowel sounds and then the students immediately blend the sounds they have learned to form simple words. There are reading materials and little books to photocopy. 

Part two begins with consonant blends and a review of short vowels - and then continues with long vowels, diphthongs, and the many odd letter combinations in our language. There are reading sheets, practice sheets and little books in every lesson that the students will enjoy.

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Math Success - for Grades K, 1, 2, 3

Many schools use this series all through the primary grades and find that their students have an excellent understanding. Instead of teaching one skill, dropping it and going on to another, the Math Success program continues to practice all the skills long after teaching them. 

There are daily hands-on lessons for a year, daily practice sheets, review lessons, tests and drill sheets - a complete math program. And the students enjoy it!

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And So Much More!

There are many more programs for Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three.  Check out the Primary Resources, as there you will find Assessment, Art, P.E. and Poems. The Index page gives you all the options, or go directly to your grade. 

Teachers love the free things that Primary Success provides. Freebies 1 has math and reading freebies, and under the Tips for Teachers are free 400 page books!

Freebies 2 has lots of little books and ideas with seasonal and monthly ideas.

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