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When your order is complete, you will be sent a link to the email address you have entered so that you can download the book(s) immediately. As schools often order, it is helpful to use the teacher's email address so the books will be sent directly. As the links will only be effective for 30 days, save the files to your computer. 

If you want to order but not go through this website, e-mail for information.

Schools or School Districts may send purchase orders by email. 

Orders from the US or other countries will be charged in Canadian dollars.

About us....

Primary Success Publications is an educational publishing company. It was founded in 1996 by Jean Roberts, a primary and special education teacher with 30 years experience. Jean has written approximately 60 books for primary teachers, and educators continue to appreciate the interesting sequential lessons and great ideas that make teaching easier and more fun.

Primary Success continues to focus on providing primary teachers with unique, practical and effective resources to encourage and enhance learning from Kindergarten to Grade Three.



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