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Primary Success Resources

Successful Sight Reading - 4 books

Little Books to accompany SSR 

Sentence Strips to accompany SSR

Successful Phonics - Part 1

Successful Phonics - Part 2 

Homework Calendars Grade One

Successful Phonics - Part 1

Math Success - Grade One

Successful Spelling - Grade One

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade One

Printing Practice - Grade 1

Successful Social Studies - Grade One

Successful Science Lessons - Grade One

Classroom Management - Grade 1

Grade One Essentials

Read Through the Year - Grade One

Poems to Read and Remember

Opening Exercises - Grade One

Math Success Kindergarten

Math Success Grade One

Math Success Grade Two

Math Success Grade Three

Math Problems - Grade Two

Math Problems - Grade Three

Math Masters - Grade Two

Successful Assessment - K - 2

Successful Art Lessons

Successful P.E.

Art Through the Year

Homework Calendars Grade Two

Successful Phonics - Part 2

Math Success - Grade Two

Math Masters - Grade 2

Math Word Problems - Grade 2

Successful Spelling - Grade Two

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade Two

Successful Social Studies - Grade Two

Successful Science Lessons - Grade Two

Opening Exercises - Grade Two


Homework Calendars Kindergarten

Sight Reading - Start Right K

Math Success - Kindergarten

Learn a Letter a Week

Printing Practice - Kindergarten

Successful Social Studies - K

Successful Science Lessons - K

Read Through the Year Kindergarten

Poems to Read and Remember - K

Opening Exercises - K

Homework Calendars - Grade Three

Math Success - Grade Three

Math Word Problems - Grade 3

Successful Spelling - Grade Three

Successful Writing Lessons - Grade Three



Guest Authors

Scientist of the Day

Gathering Information About Our Students

Student-Led parent Conferences

Learning to Solve Math Word Problems

Writing Together in My Primary Classroom

Art in my Primary Classroom

Favourite Math Lessons

Teaching Geometry in Primary Classroom

Teaching About Canadian Money

Help! Art in Primary

Help! I'm Teaching Kindergarten

Help! Classroom Management in K

Help! Literacy in Kindergarten

Help! I'm Teaching K - 1


      I Sing With Paola

      One Question a Day


      La Rentrée


      La collection complète de l’Halloween

      Lecture Globale Pour Débutants

      Les Petits Livrets pour Succès en Lecture 1

      Une question par jour

      Succès en Dictée 1

      Succès en Dictée 2

      J'apprends une lettre par semaine

      Poèmes et Chansons Illustrés

      Les Petits Livrets de Lectures M/1

      Les Petits Livrets de Lectures 1/2

      La Trousse à Paola

      Je Chante Avec Paola



Sight Words in Seconds

Home Reading Program

Addition Practice

Double Digit Addition Practice

Subtraction Practice

Double Digit Subtraction Practice

Multiplication Practice

Division Practice

Minute Math

Shannon's Math Collection

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