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This website is becoming a bit tricky to navigate! To help you find things that are useful - here are links!

First, the 'Parents' page -
 Here you will find suggestions; the 'Complete Book of Poems to Read and Remember', with one poem to a page; the Homework Calendars, the spring part of 'Art Through the Year'; and links to the four pages below.....

The 'Reading' page -
This gives you the 'Successful Sight Reading Part One' pages with reading words and sentences and the sentence strips for each lesson, and the same for 'Successful Sight Reading Part Two', in a bit different format. This is excellent practice for Grade One children.
There is also an Early Dolch reading reading program, a link to the poems book above, and a link to the monthly and seasonal little books at a variety of levels.

The 'Kindergarten' page -
Here is the 'Printing Practice for Kindergarten' book with 4 sets of pages; a bit of math (I wish I had more!) and another poems book 'Poems to Read and Remember Kindergarten' with more books at this level.

The 'Grade One' page -
Here there is an explanation of letter sounds, and practice reading CVC words; the 'Printing Practice' book for Grade One with interlined paper to copy; Math sheets to practice addition and subtraction; and ideas for writing with a student dictionary.

The 'Grade Two and Three' page -
This has pages from each lesson in 'Successful Phonics - Part Two' which the children can read at home: 'Math Masters-Grade Two' - the entire book; writing prompts, and the entire 'Beginning Handwriting' book, something the students might really enjoy. 

Then there is the page with monthly and seasonal little books and ideas for holidays. April is up for you to share.    

The Freebies page - is more for teachers with all the usual things....

Remember, you can send home the pages from the Primary Success books that you would be using in class. Some of the books above I will go back to selling after the crisis - so copy them if you find them useful!

If there is anything else I can help you with - just send a note to and I will do my best!

:0)   Jean


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